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Turd In My Pocket

I suppose the correct thing to say would be that I am going to pursue other opportunities and interests at this time. Perhaps I have stayed to long here hoping for a good change to benefit the community to occur. That would be the politically correct thing to say…. however; this is not how I feel.

First off, let me say to all of my watchers and friends….I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your encouragement, support, and friendship. As many of you may have noticed, I have not uploaded anything recently, I have stopped commenting and faving your work. I leave you with over 70,000 deviations I have collected in the last 3 years, 100 news articles, and featured several thousand people. I have recommended many DD’s for friends and fellow artists, got our fine community to work together as a team which was virtually an impossible task,  contributed towards getting recognition for those who make resources…and most of all, I always put the community needs above my own. We together have laughed, cried, and triumphed together. We have celebrated our accomplishments as friends and fellow artists. Most of all, we have been a family.

Since I became a Senior member (which was an honor bestowed upon me, not something I asked for), I have discovered that when I publish to my journal “MY” opinion (same as everyone here), I find I am getting lectured by others…called on the carpet for my principles, values, morals, brow beaten and humiliated by some in the process.. I realize that DA has an overabundance of young zealous artists on the site, but come on, is it really necessary to be so disrespectful to others who are trying to help the community as a whole? Aside from that, I want to know exactly when I ceased being a person just like all of you.   When?  I know that being a Senior brings with it certain responsibilities and moral obligations…which continuously get pointed out to me, even though I did not need to be reminded. What you do not realize is what goes on behind the scenes….all the notes, accusations, innuendos, and pot shots towards me. Some of the notes I have received were just plain out hurtful and out of line.  I would never send someone a note such as the ones I have received this year.  Those notes in fact upset me to the point that I shared with a few  friends who convinced me to stick it out against my better judgment.  My apologies to the community as a whole.  This is an issue of principles for me, and I hope you can respect my decision to leave.

Now, let me address some of the current issues that have been responsible for my decision to leave: My grandfather taught me as a child to never be afraid to speak your mind even if your opinion is not the popular one. He also taught me to say what you mean and mean what you say. My grandpa was a very smart man. His lessons have taught me well. I have a lot to say, so please bare with me…(My apologies in advance for the length of this journal and for anyone who takes offense at it).

My time here has been very rewarding as evidenced in my growth as an artist and human being. There have been a few occasions however, which have left me very hurt and violated by certain members, and friends. I have been attacked personally and professionally. This most recent issue with the Shared Links has really brought it all to a head for me. I have been berated, belittled, insulted and my motives, Senior status, and membership have once again been judged incorrectly by a few. I took the pot shots though, and the snotty hateful notes behind the scenes because I have chosen to support “Choice.” Hell, without my knowledge,  my art was ripped just so a point could be proven….I GET IT! I GOT IT BEFORE! I GET IT NOW!

Let me state this as clearly as I can….I have always had this community’s best interest at heart and my love for this it has gone unsurpassed.  Behind the scenes is a whole different ballgame. I personally watched as one of my longest and dearest friends was treated so badly by DA staff. I read the note that was received, and I have to tell you, it made me sick to my stomach to think that I pay money to be on a site and know that I could be next in line to be treated so improperly. I was insulted as I read the note and it was not even about me.

Then, I see a journal posted by a former DA staff member that refers to its subscribers as “douche bags” and threatens to take a dump on us if we continue to speak out. Totally uncalled for and unprofessional for a site that derives its revenues from OUR subscriptions. I did not pay to be abused by DA staff…did you? In any case, in the midst of this latest barrage of bullshit, it occurred to me that perhaps, I need to leave. I am a person of high moral standards and integrity….so why am I here?

Let me tell you, this has certainly been anything but educational to say the least. In my life, I have managed multi-million dollar properties, managed and trained hundreds of people, certified hundreds of people, and helped thousands of people. Never once did I ever treat anyone with the disdain and disrespect as shown to me on this site over the past two weeks. (Keep in mind, notes privately I did not publish).

To clarify, not once did any one of us who disagreed with the “share feature” state that we did not understand how to post a link. Not once did we state we felt it would be in our best interest to allow this “New feature” , not once did we state we did not understand about these new “Social networking” sites and their purpose. Not once was it stated to you – by any of us who disagree – to leave DA. Not once was it stated you should put your gallery in storage. NOT ONCE! You read the facts. You made your own decisions. It was NEVER my decision to make for you, yet a few notes have reached me that state I am responsible for your decision. Those notes were spankings of sorts, or an attempt to admonish me for not setting a good example for the community. I take issue with that.   That was  a pretty darn hateful thing to say, wouldn’t you agree?  I do not deserve to be treated that way by ANY member of the community. I always do my utmost to lead by example, put my money where my mouth is so to speak. So, I really take offense at anyone who would tell me some bogus fabricated and insensitive bullshit such as that.

I am unhappy, and very disappointed in DA this is true, and I believe I have made that fact abundantly clear. To have someone you are supposed to respect make inflammatory, judgmental and rude statements about their members is unacceptable! Is this site run by adults, or, is it run by children who are in dire need of a TIME OUT!!!!  In addition, I have personally witnessed several artists verbally attacked by respected members of the community with their demeaning, offensive, uninformed speeches, insinuations, and brow-beating techniques, which in my opinion are exactly the same as the attitudes we have seen by recent DA staff.  These same individuals spammed a recent census poll that was published as a news article.  How childish and immature is that?  What were they afraid of?  Letting others state something that has some truth to it?  Interesting isn’t it?  Perhaps they just didn’t want others to be allowed to voice their opinions?  It seems to me, and correct me if I am wrong, but those hateful and demeaning comments just kept the issue ignited, not my journal with links to ALL the important articles from BOTH sides of the issue!!!  It is not my fault that other artists can assimilate the same information and draw the same conclusions….Hummmmmm…. One further note…I have a business degree and none of the classes I took taught me to treat people in this manner. If it were somewhere in the curriculum, I guess I was sick that day…NOT!  Not one single self-respecting business person would ever make this error in judgment, verbally or professionally.  Please believe me when I say that I am very well versed in the ways of business, and can tell you for fact that this is NOT an acceptable business practice by any definition.

Let me tell you what I think did happen…I believe that the decision to put the new share buttons was not very well thought out.  It is my opinion that there were issues to be considered that were not, or if they were swept under the carpet so to speak. I believe that DA thought it would be received very warmly, and when it wasn’t, well that just pissed everybody off! Now keep in mind that some of us have done a lot of footwork in the area of “Copyright Infringement” unlike some who are content pointing the fingers just to cloud the issue who have not, and I can tell you there is a skunk here. A BIG stinky reeking skunk. I am speaking from personal experience. In relation to my requesting assistance with my Copyright Infringement issue on DA, and an inquiry into putting a stop to the right click save as…..this is what I was told:

“We cannot legally represent you – this is a time consuming and expensive service requiring legal paperwork which we simply cannot provide to you.

There is no ‘magical’ script that will prevent the theft of anything placed on the Internet. The only guaranteed way to prevent the theft of your online work is to never place it online in the first place. If you decide to take the risks involved in placing your work online and at the mercy of millions of viewers then you need to take the proactive steps of clearly signing your own work, placing a statement of copyright directly onto it and watermarking it in a clear and visible fashion.

Copyright & Etiquette Administration Director,
Community Development Division,
deviantART Inc


If you do not believe I know about Copyright Infringement, then I suggest that you visit the RATF External Page…I founded it, gathered information, and assisted many, many people to have their artwork removed from sites that had it without permission. So, Copyright is an issue I feel comfortable speaking about. So please do not continue to insult my intelligence.  Here is the link to the external page for those who would like to get more information to protect your artwork—> http://rippedarttaskforce.cmptrwhz.com/ I also have a Box on my front page with more information, but for those who have not read it, here it a small excerpt:

For all of you who think the share feature is a good thing here is an issue that HAS YET TO BE  ADDRESSED, read on………freea-sm

Since this new feature is going to increase exposure which will also increase the probabilities that art theft (“Copyright Infringement”) will occur with more frequency  as a result of this massive exposure of our artwork, who is going to help us monitor where our images are posted and get them removed when there is a copyright infringement? Hummmm? Is DA going to help us resolve our off-site theft issues? Are you?

I have read several news articles in relation to DA and the acquisition of their new investor. I know what it said, and it is public knowledge. Now, when you apply that article to the current situation, it becomes abundantly clear what we all mean to this site. Before someone  quickly jumps down my throat…read the article for yourself and then tell me what you think.   It is crystal clear to me.  For those who have not seen it, here is the link—> http://www.zatznotfunny.com/2007-08/divx-goes-shopping-buys-fine-art-and-search-technology/

I have had a print account for over 3 years just like many many other artists and the most money I ever made was $20…so the impact of the Share feature as it relates to theft really stands out in my mind………so, why am I here? I realize that some of you will argue that “Theft” will not increase, and to you I say “WAKE UP, WAKE UP…STOP DELUDING THE COMMUNITY WITH YOUR IGNORANCE!  IF SOMEONE CAN CLICK A LINK AND STEAL OUR ART…WHAT MAKES YOU THINK WE WILL EVER BE ABLE TO SELL IT??????????” HELLO……Am I making any sense here????? I did not just fall off of the turnip truck.   The “Share” feature makes it even more possible by the very “Exposure” that is supposed to be so beneficial for our art to be likely seen by thieves and stolen……..If you really cannot see it, or it hasn’t happened to you, then I guess it doesn’t exist…right?  It increases the possibility of theft to occur dramatically, so do not let anyone tell you differently!  Judging from the number of recent uploads, I would venture to say that I am not the only person with reservations regarding this new feature.  How many of your friends have left DA already?  How many have their galleries in storage?  How many are not commenting, faving, or posting?

Now, to add further insult, I have been bullied  again. It is true I am a Senior (I never asked to be one, and yes, I am stating this one more time), but I have seen no rules stating what is expected of me. You receive Senior status for community works you do, and your peers are the ones who choose you, at least they did in my case.  Ask anyone who was in the chatroom during the last issue in the fractal community 2 years ago.   Because I am a Senior, it appears I am supposed to act a certain way and say certain things…BULLSHIT! I am a person. I have an opinion and I will state it clearly. JUST LIKE YOU! What makes me different from you…..NOTHING!

Yes, I have opened up an account at Redbubble, here is the link in case any of you missed it in TThealer’s journal the other day when he ripped my art just to prove a point which was HIS opinion—> http://plunder.redbubble.com/ Yes, I have a lot of work for sale over there. What I like about it is that over there, they have the technology that I was told did not exist. That’s right folks. The first time I got ripped, I was told that it was NOT possible to put a clear gif over the image so when people went to right click and save as….all they got was a clear gif in its place. I like RB because I am treated with respect….I like it because in 1 day I had an entire site up and operational. I like it because with the click of 1 button I can watermark every image I uploaded!!! Something that is NOT available here. I have updated my account at Renderosity also, and I have at least 2 other sites I actively upload my artwork to. SO WHAT! WHO GIVES A RATS ASS?   IT IS MY CHOICE!  IT IS NOT UP TO YOU TO MAKE MY CHOICES FOR ME!

I was told people are leaving DA because of me…BULLSHIT! Last time I checked people were allowed to make their own decisions! I was told that I “sway”  the community. People read what they want and base their own personal decisions from that, not from anything I have said. I have NEVER said to anyone that they should leave, or insisted they do. I have told where I was going and explained repeatedly why I was building another site, and the two ARE NOT THE SAME THING! Let me put it to you like this… I realize a lot of you will think this is stupid…but it is the analogy that I thought of first, so please do not be offended:

You and I are the best of friends….we are walking down the road, and suddenly I reach down to pick up a stinky turd and put it in my pocket. Are you going to reach down to pick up the stinky turd next to it and put it in your pocket because I did? OF COURSE NOT! Same difference applies here. So, I would appreciate it if some people would stop accusing me of something I have not done.  What it has done  is make my decision for me to leave because of the misguided, insulting accusations  to my person.  And yes, I am deeply offended!!!  (I am not referring to MOST of the artists in the community).

The final straw came when a journal published 2 days ago by Moonbeam13 left me a pack of “Tin Foil Hat Wearing Drama Llama’s” as a birthday gift, and referred to me as her “good friend.” I am aware of what that meant, and I know that I have not heard from my “good friend” since the last fiasco 2 years ago. When I went back to check her journal in the morning, it had been revised and a correction made putting someone else’s name in my place shrugging it off….but the damage was already done wasn’t it.  There is nothing I hate more than anything except FAKE people.  That was a slam to me personally, and make no mistake, I understand perfectly what insult was intended and have no doubt in my mind that it was intentional! So this my dear friends was the end for me. That last act brought me to tears. I showed it to a GD and another Senior….a few other friends saw it to and knew what it would mean because they know me that well.

Now, I am done with my rant for now. Sorry to offend anyone with MY opinions. It is not my intention to piss everyone off or make you leave DA….I’m just merely attempting to state MY OWN position with the facts as I know them.  It is with a very heavy heart that I have made my decision to leave all of you, my friends.  A few bad apples do spoil  the whole bunch.  I will no be abused by anyone! I never thought I would ever leave DA, but everything happening goes against the morals, principals and values.  Please understand.  I am going to miss each and every one of you. Everyone has  link to my page, and several of you have my email address, so please do keep in touch.  I will still continue to make resources because I feel they are so important, but will offer a direct download from Fractal-Resources or the Apophysis Groups.

Please do not send me hate mail….I will not respond to it…and please do not spam this blog post or my journal or I will put you on the blocked list. Last time I checked America was still a free county, and even I am entitled to speak my mind under my 1st Amendment Rights….just like all of you do!


82 Responses to “Turd In My Pocket”

  1. I am saddened to hear about all the crap you took are taking. I agree about DA being run by *children* who really have no *real* business sense. If they really wanted a community of artists, it would be limited to those people maybe 18 and over, well maybe 20 and over. Anyway, I wish you all the best and please keep in touch if you have the time.

    • Thanks sweetie. Please tell Anna. I am so very sad to leave, but I cannot take the insults anymore. Since this Share feature fiasco, the notes I have been receiving from “some” people have made me cry….it was time to make the decision. I never realized some people actually hate me.

      • Anna is sitting right here, I explained as much as I could of your very long blog. She too is saddened by your leaving, but she understands why you are leaving.
        When I was in college,I was under the illusion that I was *lovable or at least likable* to everyone. Hell no, even people I had never spoken to, may not have liked me just because of my face or the way I dressed. Any way, people are very rude, unkind, snobbish, crude, etc.at least part of the time. The trick is, not to follow in their footsteps. Do the best you can, love your kids and grandkids, enjoy your art and your friends. We’ll keep good thoughts coming your way.
        *hug*ssssssss Barbara and Anna

      • Thank you both. I am really going to miss my friends. I just feel I am not allowed to express myself on DA because of the backlash I always get. That is why I posted to this blog. This is my turf so to speak.

        I appreciate all of your support. You are both 2 of my oldest and dearest firends. Thank you for understanding.

  2. oh phew… wow………. sad to see you go but wow.. so understandable. see you on the bubble though… i am there too :)))))))))))

    love and hugs

    pat 🙂

  3. Ahh Debs, agree with you 100% I also opened a redbubble account (http://marthig.redbubble.com) I visited Renderosity, Artician and MyArtSpace but was not too convinced, I like RedBubble.
    As you know I was never worried about my art being ripped, I don’t expect to make or supplement my retirement income by selling art. Who knows maybe I can through RedBubble but I think I will be comfortable there.
    Also intend to go on adding a great number of my works in my dA Gallery to RedBubble and delete others too.
    I announced in my latest Journal at dA that I was not going to deal with the Share shit again and when my subscription expires I will be leaving dA, or at least will cease to be active as I had been so far.
    I saw comments and journals by people I really cared for, criticizing those who emptied their galleries and left dA. With some unpleasant comments, that though they were not directly addressed to me I felt sad because of the lack of understanding that some people may have different opinions and take different attitudes.
    Anyway Debs I hope to see you at RedBubble, love and hugs from
    Martha – “marthig”

    • I will look you up and add you to my friends list. My name over there is “Plunder” Thanks Martha for your support and your understanding. Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Deb – I applaud you for taking a stand and making your OWN decisions as I KNOW you have! I am sure there will be those who will say we decided this together, but sweetie, as much a I care about you – ain’t no-Damn-body going to MAKE me do anything I don’t feel is right for ME! I know the same is true for you. 🙂

    The fact that it appears we see eye-to-eye is certainly largely true if not ALL true, but that is because we have researched, and researched, and thought, and thought VERY carefully – INDEPENDANTLY – all of this out. I won’t speak for you but as for me – I have the perspective of a lot of age, and with that comes wisdom and insight that one can’t possibly have at 21 or 28 – with the exception of a few critical thinking people. (I have nothing against young people because I have teenage and 20-something grandchildren & I love them to pieces)

    I know you are sad to leave DA, but you are a “people person” who believes in helping others and you will rise to the top at your new home, in no time! You ROCK girl!! 🙂

    • Thanks Anita. You are correct, we have researched the issues very well and due to that reason we have a very clear understanding of the issues. I appreciate your support. Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. so sad to have u go – i haven’t had any lasting issues with copyright problems

    the last time a person stole my art, he was sentenced to jail for 8 months with a 20k fine

    but sometimes u have to say quits on the online world.

    also, i take back what i said about that one resource dd u got – it has come in handy


    Fractalwizz Productions

    • Thanks sweetie. I will still be online…just not at DA. My new home is over at Redbubble. A totally different atmosphere. In any case, I am glad we got to know one another, and I harbor no hard feelings about the DD issue. Hugzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Great Debs, thanks for giving me the new ID will of course also add you there. I am so happy to know you will be there 😀
    lovess Martha

  7. I never got to really get to know you as much as I would have liked to, but do want to thank you for the features you gave me and the resources. I know you are very upset over what has happened and you have every right to be upset. I know how it feels to give so much to a company then get bad treatment. I was with Hilton Hotels for a long long time and I got no respect for the hard work I did and the many hotels I opened for them. So I left and was much better off.

    Deb, I am at RedBubble as a newbie, and I am sure I can catch you there. You take care of yourself and try not to let all of this get to you too deeply. It is a shame that you are leaving, but you have the choice to make your own decisions. I am sorry to see you leave though.

    I have been using the button on the submit page of if I want the art used in blogs and take the checkmark off. I guess we will all see if that helps. Who knows?

    Sometimes change is good … and I hope this change is good for you.


    • Thanks sweetie. I appreciate your support. I have taken a lot of abuse…it seems everytime I post a journal these days…no matter if it is just features. I do not need it. I am a good person and I love my friends and did everything within my power to make our community shine. There are just so many people that absolutely dispise me for whatever reason…jealousy maybe…I dunno…but I certainly have paid my dues and do not deserve this at all. I worked for Accor (Motel6) for 5 years as one of their top managers for Region 8. I was treated very bad there too, so I left…LOL Looks like we have something in common. I will look for you at RB….Hope I can find you. Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. I saw this coming. I hate to say it, but I knew you would leave. I’m sad you won’t be around.

    What is this bubble you guys are talking about though?

    • Thanks sweetie. I appreciate your support.

      Redbubble is another art community. They are more mature as far as I can see, and they have some really awesome features for their site including putting a watermark through your work and a nice little button that lets you disable the “right click save as” so it makes it harder for your art to be stolen. It is not fool proof, but it sure does make me feel a lot better about uploading my art.

      Here is a link to my gallery—>http://plunder.redbubble.com/

      • I will be staying with DA until my sub runs out, but I will check out redbubble right away. I’ve been feeling the need for a change for a long time.

      • Yay, I just joined. It looks really nice. I decided to go a little more professional and use my actual name. You can find me under RZempel.

      • Thanks sweetie….I will go and add you right now! Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • There is nothing coming up under the name you gave me sweetie….I am “plunder” so you can find me under that name. 😀

  9. Debs,
    Well, you know how I feel, hon, and that I’ve already followed you over to redbubble as well! We’ve just paid for a year’s sub in the last two weeks or so, which really, REALLY stinks……so I guess, in order not to offend my husband’s sensibilities, I’ll keep my sub active for the year, and only upload limited and older artwork. None of the newer good stuff will be going back on the site–I’ve decided that’s it. I’m gonna go in there and delete all the images I’ve got in storage, but I will keep my two portfolio pages going, and the images in that storage. At least I’ve got those two pages/sites password protected, so no one can see them unless I give them the password! *ta da!* So at least my sub will be worth something, as those two portfolio pages do look really nice.

    I had no idea that things had gotten that completely out of hand for you, and I am truly horrified to hear it. When the year is up, I will leave DA completely, period. I do still have my account over at rendo, though I’ve pretty much just left it be, and stopped going over there. The objection I have to rendo is the ads–all the soft porn ads (and yes, I know they’re not real people, but they sure are close enough!) for the modeling programs are just too much. I can’t send my friends from church over there to that site to see my gallery–can you imagine?!?! NOOOOOOOOOO WAY! I mean, c’mon–if I don’t want to see them myself, I’m SURE not gonna send my friends to the site! So rendo’s pretty well out for me, except to visit now and then, and post once in a blue moon…….*sigh* Oh well………

    But I’ll see you over on “the bubble”–I’m just glad we’ve got another, much better place to post our art! And I do thank you for all the faves and comments over there too–I don’t take much time to comment, just fave and run, but I do appreciate all the faves and comments you’re giving me there. Just thought you should know that!

    And if you’ve not seen it yet, I just saw this afternoon that one of my latest pieces there is being featured! AAAAAAAAAAAAH! It’s on the page of featured images! Can you believe it?! And I’ve not even been there a whole two weeks yet! WOW! Thought you’d wanna know that one too!

    Many hugs to you, and see you there…..daily! (((((((((hugs)))))))))))
    Michelle / Daffodil Baggins / autumngirl

    • Yes, I have been faving and running. I really love it over there. I have been featured 3 times and have over 1200 views of my work in 6 days….so, I think I will do well over there.

      As for DA…I am really going to miss my friends. Some friendships you make are the ones that last. It has been encouraging to me to see so many others from DA over at RB….so, I do not feel alone.

      As always sweetie…thank you for your help and support.

  10. You are loved Deb (as you well know). I respect your decision to leave, and it’s dA’s loss. I would miss you but, I too shall be leaving dA after 4 years (+) of being there.
    Perhaps I’ll see you on Redbubble.
    Jen (aka Indelibly-Yours)

    • Heya sweetie:

      If you make it over there, be sure to look me up. I would love to keep in touch with my friends. I want to thank you also for your support…it means a lot to me. Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Hi Debs, this is Terri AKA Munch12. I just have to say that this is so sad. I cannot believe that they treated you like that and now your leaving. I understand your position and you will be missed. Take care my friend and it was a pleasure knowing you. I don’t know what Redbubble is but i should check it out.

    • Hey sweetie. Redbubble is another art community. I like it there as the drama is nearly non-existent. In any case, it truly saddens me to leave. I never thought I would ever leave……I put this off for several days already thinking that I just needed to calm down…but I have been crying the past couple of days….so I choked back the tears today and made the announcement. It really hurts, but I am not going to be humiliated again.

  12. Deb, I’m glad you found a haven over at Redbubble & I hope it continues to be so for you too. It sounds as though you’ve settled right in & I’m so happy to hear that ! As for this… I’m so sorry it’s come to this, I really am. Like I said in my note, I understand your feelings of betrayal & I feel so bad that it’s happened. But I gotta admit that last bit by was incredible, I was stunned when I saw that journal… like I’d been hit by a baseball bat. God alone knows how much worse you must have felt. *shakes head*

    I hope you won’t be a complete stranger, but to be honest, I understand if you decide you have to just stay away for a while. *hugs* You just do what you need to do for a while, okay ? I don’t know about relaxing, but how about just taking some deep breaths for a start ?



    • Thanks Lauren. That journal pushed me over the edge. It really upset me…..Anita went off! There was no need to do something so underhanded. Well, I hope they will be happy…I am leaving…no one will have a reason to be offended by me anymore.

      I am going to miss you and all my friends though….but I really need to move on. Thanks for your support Lauren…it is appreciated. Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  13. I can completely understand your reasons for leaving dA. I have really been put off by all the drama going on over something that should have been handled with much more tact and class by administrators. I tried to ignore it all and stay out of the fray, but the whole situation was everywhere you looked and a lot of people have been hurt in the process. I felt that you went out of your way to present both sides of the argument and should have been respected for that. I personally don’t have a problem with the sharing feature, but I respect the opinions of those who don’t agree and realize that they have their reasons for their thinking. It makes me sick to see people getting bashed for not agreeing with popular opinion.

    One of the reasons that I liked dA was the community spirit. I especially appreciated the way that you were so welcoming to me as a new member and you were willing to answer my questions and help me. I can certainly say that deviantArt will not be same without you.

    I opened up an account on Redbubble about a week ago (http://dlr4553.redbubble.com)because I wanted the option of printing my work and purchasing it at base price without having to pay for a premium print account. I originally intended to keep both accounts going, mainly because I still have 6 months left on my subscription, but the reasons to stay with dA are dwindling. I have a classmate who asked me about setting up a gallery online, and I found that I could not in good conscious recommend dA to her and instead directed her to Redbubble. Unless some major changes are made, I will be shutting down my gallery at dA within the next few weeks.

    • Hey sweetie….I think there are a lot of people who feel the same way…a lot more than DA would like us to know about. I had initially intended to stay and ride this out because of some of the wonderful people I have found on DA, but when An Administrator for the site posted that journal taking a pot shot at me when I have done nothing to deserve it…that was it! I was humiliated…Most of DA saw that journal. I am very hurt, but glad I have moved to another site. I will add you to my watch. I want to thank you also for your support. I appreciate it very much. Hugzzzzzzzzzz

  14. Debs, I am so sorry to see you are leaving dA. After reading this blog, I fully understand your reasons, but it is hard to believe you’ll be gone. After all the Round Robins you organized and all the other help and support you have given to me and other artists on dA, it will be a much emptier place to me.

    I don’t suppose any of my art will ever be stolen. But dA could have been more up front and considerate about the Share thing. All they would have needed to do to head off a lot of this was to allow the option to Opt-Out of the Share feature. Not a difficult thing to do. But they had to be butt-holes about it and I just don’t get it.

    I will check in on RedBubble. Perhaps, I’ll join. But I will definitely come see your work and Anita’s, as well.

    I’ll miss you, Debs. You’re been a large part of my dA experience and I would like to thank you for all you’ve done. Take care, my friend, and I wish you well.

    • Thanks Peggi. I appreciate your support. It feels funny to me not to be at DA given the importance it has had in my life. It is the right thing to do at this time. I just have a hard time swallowing personal attacks on me personally when all I have ever done is help others. Hugzzzzzzzzz

    • I forgot to tell you that I am really going to miss you too. You are the one who helped me on my file conversions. I will always be grateful to you.

  15. “Not one single self-respecting business person would ever make this error in judgment, verbally or professionally. Please believe me when I say that I am very well versed in the ways of business, and can tell you for fact that this is NOT an acceptable business practice by any definition.”

    Hi Deb. This point you made is pretty much what I was getting at im my journal entry. I did get some feedback on it.
    I felt for many yrs. that some of the main admins. were unprofessional and demeaning. Or to put it a a nice way they had or have no people skills.
    I’ll look for you over at RedBubble. I do admit I need to better understand how to make my page look better there!! lol

    • Exactly! It was not right to attack me like was done in that journal, and for me, that was the deciding factor. Glad you will be over at RB….I will have to add you to my watch. 😀 Let me know if you need help with your page….I will be glad to assist ya! Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  16. Debs,

    I’m so very sorry to hear/read you are leaving DA. I’ve been gone for a few days and just got back a while ago and read your blog. It breaks my heart to hear/read of such unfair and undeserved treatment such as you have received.

    Such things should never happen to those who people who are kind enough and strive to make things better for all those around them, who take the time to give of themselves to others, who are generous enough to share their thoughts, their insight, and their experience so that others may learn, who inspire others to stretch the limits of their imagination and experience the joys of creation process in art. But who also are thoughtful and loving in passing on that very gift of art, unselfishly giving away a part of themselves which they have placed within the gift itself.

    I must say, Debs, that I truly admire you for standing up for what you believe in and sticking to it. I have a great respect for those who are not afraid to speak out against the wrongs and injustices when needed. And you are one of those people, Debs.

    Your decision to leave DA is strictly your own and for those that say that you “made them leave” are only looking to serve up a guilt trip, simply because they fear that if they don’t join in on the “popular” (or whatever you wish to call it) view, then they will be seen as something less than what they pretend to be. (If this doesn’t make any sense, I apologize. I’ve been working for several days, w/ little sleep, lol.)

    To me, I think, one will always know who their true friends are. Friendship is something that should never come with a price or expectations that “if you do this for me, I’ll do that for you.” Friendship is a precious gift that should be honored, cherished, and respected by all those involved. I don’t know, kind of like a plant really. If it’s nurtured and watered and cared for properly, it will bloom and grow and become something beautiful.

    If not, it will fade and die by the wayside, forgotten and lost. Again, to me, it’s not just something you can turn on and turn off at the flip of a switch. Friendship should never be a ‘convienience”–to be used in the moment when it is “desperately” needed and in the next as an unnecessary “bother”. I honestly believe in there being a difference of “saying” you’re a friend and “being” a friend. BIG difference. (Oh my god, I’m rambling!)

    Debs, I may not have known you all that well, but to me, you were and always will be my friend. And to know that you are having to leave simply because a select few do not wish to hear anything which differs to that of the general consensus of those which have accepted such views (aka the “Share Feature.) Or because they have little to no respect for the morals and values of those who may disagree from the “popular” vote.

    Anyhow, I’ve rambled on long enough. I’ll shut up now. But I will miss you. Very much so. In a way, I grieve for the loss of such a wonderful and beautiful person as you are, but also for a very talented artist. But I also celebrate that I met you, know you, and have seen the marvelous works of art which you so kindly have shared with so many whom, I hope, appreciated and loved it like I do.

    And so with that in mind, Debs, thank you. Thank you for all of the faves, features, and any feedback that you’ve ever given to my artwork. I truly appreciate that and you as my friend.

    As my signature says: “Friendship is the song in your heart; and friends are the ones who sing it back to you when you forget the words.” Please take care of yourself and know that you have my support and respect in the decision that you’ve made.


    • Hi Morgan:

      You have made me cry with your kind words about me and my artistic abilities. It is friends like you that I will miss the most. I am sorry to have to leave, but it is something I feel I must do at this time. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. It effects everyone. I just do not have the strength to keep fending off all these personal attacks.

      In all the things I have done, what I enjoyed the most was finding ways to get the community to be friendly to one another and share their art with one another. I have no regrets, but I am filled with so much sorrow.

      I will not stand idly by while a DA staff member insults my intelligence and makes inferences about me that are untrue and offensive. I do not pay for that abuse.

      In any case Morgan, I want to thank you to. I want to thank you for brightening my day with your artwork. I want to thank you for always being supportive and encouranging, and I want to thank you for being my friend. Hugzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Hi Morgan:

      You have made me cry with your kind words about me and my artistic abilities. It is friends like you that I will miss the most. I am sorry to have to leave, but it is something I feel I must do at this time. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. It effects everyone. I just do not have the strength to keep fending off all these personal attacks.

      In all the things I have done, what I enjoyed the most was finding ways to get the community to be friendly to one another and share their art with one another. I have no regrets, but I am filled with so much sorrow.

      I will not stand idly by while a DA staff member insults my intelligence and makes inferences about me that are untrue and offensive. I do not pay for that abuse.

      In any case Morgan, I want to thank you to. I want to thank you for brightening my day with your artwork. I want to thank you for always being supportive and encouranging, and I want to thank you for being my friend. Hugzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. Damn!, but I really hate to see you leave dA. But, after reading this, I completely understand. God bless and the Best Always! You have helped me so much and I really appreciate it!!!

  18. Well stated and I agree. I have not posted nor do I intend to at DevArt as a united stand with you my friend.

    • Hi Michael….thank you so much for your support and understanding. It is nice to know that I am not alone in the way I feel. Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  19. Hello There Debs, sounds like a lot has happened since we last spoke. I am truly sorry to hear that you have been treated so abysmally by staff and some community members. I respect and understand your decision to leave and pursue other avenues, you will be missed there for sure. I’ve known you for a long time now and hold you in the highest regard as well as close to my heart. You are a very kind and generous soul and it is the community that loses here. I might investigate joining Red Bubble myself (I’ve been away all week and just not long returned home) when I get time to do so I wish you much success with your site there, I am sure you will do very well. I will give you a call soon ….. Blessings, Love & Light always dear friend ~Pam~

    • Thanks sweetie. You know it had to be really, really bad for me to even think of leaving. There have been a few things going on that just bring me to tears. I will have to see if I can find you at RB….

      Thanks for all the support and your friendship my dear Pam. Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • Hugs … I tried to go to red bubble but for some reason I a just getting a blank white page ….. will try again later (I think this happened to me once before when I tried to view that site and couldn’t) Any ideas?

      • PS Ignore the last message Debs. I did some research and it seems that those using hughesnet cannot access Red Bubble but I could not find out why. I will try and find out …… what a bummer!

  20. Hey gal…

    I meant to tell you that I’m on RB as well. I just keep forgetting that I’m there and haven’t loaded much except for once piece lol. Look me up and I hope to tag you onto my list, too. ❤


    • I will do that sweetie. I am finding most of the community over there. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know…I will look for you right now. Hugzzzzzzzzzzzz

  21. Hi Debs,

    I’m over on Redbubble, too! I’m not familiar with the layout, but that’ll be remedied soon enough. Where can I find you there?

  22. I suppose it helps to let you know I’m using my DA name “Alterren”.

    • I am Plunder over there, and I already found you. 🙂 I have added you to my watch. The site is pretty easy to navigate…took me about a day to figure things out. Glad to see you over there. Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  23. I don’t like losing my friends, Debs, and you’re one of them! Many, many hugs!

  24. Hugs and loves and more hugs!!!
    You will prosper wherever you go Debs,
    love and friends will ALWAYS abide and endure.

  25. Hey Deb, it me obeyyourmaster. (Christina) I wasn’t sure if you’d see if I posted over at DA, as you probably have already left for good.

    I am so sorry to hear about what happened! It makes me sick to think that people are treated that way on DA. I’m sorry you feel the need to leave. You were a great person, and an assit to the fractal community. You’ve done so much work!

    You will be missed!

    btw, I’m thinking of joining Redbubble as well. It looks like a pretty good art community.

    • LOL…I already found you over there sweetie. I still have a few official duties to perform at DA but will be gone by the end of next week if I am not banned before then. More drama unfolding. You will have to see the latest journal I just posted. I am disgusted!!! On a much happier note, I think you will like it over at RB…No Drama…Thank god! :hug:ss Glad I found you.

      Thanks also for your support and encouragement.

  26. Hi Debs,

    It’s really sad to see you go! 😦 But I agree with what your grandfather and my dad told me. Stand up to what you said. I might not have been regular in dA a lot, but all the journals I have read from you and others, did I ever see anyone leaving or not posting artwork that they were forced or “swayed” by you. I feel shocked to see why others would say something like that to you. You have really helped me and others in dA. We all will miss you

    Rafin aka phoenixleo

    • Thank you sweetie. I am just really sorry it came to this. Those of us who are leaving it is because of the really bad treatment we are receiving from some members and mainly DA staff. I in all good conscious will not give my hard earned money to a site that gets enjoyment from humiliating, verbally assaulting, and demeaning its members regularly.

      I am really going to miss my friends there. You have always given me so much inspiration and I will truly miss that. Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • You are welcome Debs. We truly miss you. I hope what ever endeavors you have are always successful! 🙂

        Oh also, dA decided to use the option for users to either :

        1.show the share links

        2. Hide the share links

        3. Only allow the deviations to be seen if logged in as a member.

  27. Hey Debs!
    I respect your Decision to leave…Though i know you just for 2 months or so..I will really miss you in DA……your Commented,faved and most of all encouraged me very well..miss you..!

  28. Hey Deb….wow. thats all I can say … wow. Well. I checked out the redbubble thing and am thinking of going over there mostly due to getting prints of my own work without paying out the XXX. Ive never had anyone buy one on DA at all but I did buy one for a freind of mine and had to pay whole price.

    I put down my email so if you want to keep in touch feel free. I love your stuff on Redbubble and I think your gallery there looks HOT 🙂 Your stuff has really taken off since I left a couple of years ago and just returned to DA last week…and now this.

    Everything happens for a reason…just remember that!!!
    Talk to ya soon!!!

    • Thanks sweetie! How are you? It is really good to hear from you. I have been over at RB for a weel and have over 2.000 views, and am quickly becoming very popular. The atmosphere is completely different than that of DA. It is refreshing although, I really do miss my friends. Anyway, I am “plunder” over there, so let me know when you set up your account. 🙂

      • Things have been crazy and Im still recovering from that last hurricane.

        Im starting in on my artwork again but honestly….it seems like Im starting over. I dont think I know how to even do anything in Apo any more …. UF4 either LOL.

        Your stuff is soooo much more evolved! I am so impressed with your progress! I hope you sell lots and lots 🙂

        I am also tring to re-do my website and some other projects in between working…you know how that goes!

        Stay in touch!

  29. WOW… i’m away sick for awhile and the “turd” hits the fan!!

    I’m with you 110% Deb.. that share button is a button for disaster, I have work ripped all the time and this button is just making this easier for them to do it.. I think the prob with admin is that they have a lot of young ones who “think” they know what they are doing because they are all into computers etc, thing is they lack in customer service skills.. this just reminds me of my kids when they went through the terrible teen years, “my way or no way.. I know what i’m doing!”.. as for those who bagged you about your opinion on the “button” karma Deb.. Karma.. they obviously haven’t been ripped yet but give it time, when it happens they’ll eat their words..

    And for having an opinion.. I find it really really amusing when people jump up and down because YOU don’t agree with them (happens to me a lot too) they all have tunnel vision and can’t see outside the square.. when they do it’s too late.. bet you too that these people haven’t even looked to see if they have work ripped, gonna be a hell of a shock to some when they find their galleries are being sold on Photobucket etc for a nice little profit..

    I’m sorry to see you go you’ve been an amazing contributor to the fractal community..

    I’ve been a member of Redbubble for awhile and never had anything ripped from there.. so to say that there is no way to deter it is a load of bullshit.. obviously the “ones-who-know-best” need to upgrade their computer technical skills and take a page out of RB’s book 😉

    Keep in touch.. you will be missed

    • Thanks Jackie….my sentiments exactly. Now they are planning an Opt-out button but it is a punishment not a solution—>http://hq.deviantart.com/blog/26864465/?offset=100#comments…does

      Either everyone can have access to your work, or nobody camn. It is yet 1 more insult to those of us who can comprehend what is happening over there. It is very sad.

      On a more positive note, I see a lot of our friends now at RB. I hope that I am watching you…. Thank you for your encouragement and support. It means a great deal to me. Making this decision to leave was very, very hard…..but things just keep getting worse over there and I for one am glad to take an extended break away from all of that mess.

  30. I just found out about this through Anita’s last journal. I am sure I’ll have more surprises like this in the next days, ’cause lately I had to stop reading journals due to lack of time, and so I discover such things a bit late.

    I totally understand your decision. This “share buttons” shit has hit the fan. Hard. It was strange since the beginning: there were no announcements about it.

    And it would have never mattered a lot to me, if it wasn’t for artists being no more able to decide about THEIR art. I keep thinking the share buttons will not lead to an increase of art thefts, but maybe I’m delusional; maybe I’m just trying to convince myslef – that opinion is based on the fact that for a bit I had some of my art posted on Facebook and never had problems – which I realize doesn’t mean so much.

    But even if I’m right, the facts are that artists were NOT given an option about it, that staff IS being condescendant at best with those who disagree, and now also that some of the people who disagree ARE being insulted. This is unacceptable. This is why I was totally for a disable option since the beginning, and why I totally understand those who are leaving. I myself did not upload anything but a stamp and a fractal for Saen’s “United Deviant Artist” auction, since this shit began.

    I wonder what other “surprise” dA is preparing for us in the next months.

    • I have been really, really upset about some of the backlash happening to senior members who object and subscribers including myself. I am aware that DA is going to make this “Opt-Out” button because they have no choice…however; this is what they are planning to do with t…http://hq.deviantart.com/blog/26864465/?offset=100#comments…does

      They are going to the other extreme, and it is antagonistic to those who objected, as well as an insult if this is put into play. The reason they are doing this is to force the issue once again. Either everyone sees your work, or nobody sees your work. In any case, this is not the answer or relief everyone is seeking. :no: It is a real shame.

  31. Hi Deb! I can’t believe the brass of DA admins who openly make fun of the members who disagree with them. It’s almost like a cult…bow down and agree with everything the leaders say and do, or you’re labeled a heretic and run out of there.

    Shaun and I got to talking about why they don’t seem to care about how many subscribers there are who don’t want the “share” links. I think it all comes down to the bottom line. They are thinking about the extra ad revenue they will generate if people on other sites click on their links. They don’t care about the community. It’s just business to them now, and they are not going to listen to those of us who have been running businesses, ourselves. They think they know it all.

    I’ve noticed a drastic drop in statistics at DA. My watchers who fave and comment are down at least 30 percent. I had thought that everybody was gone for the summer until I noticed that many have moved to RedBubble. I’m glad that we’ll be able to keep in contact over there.

    • Thanks sweetie. I noticed a drastic drop in the number of fractals being submitted to the gallery also. When a lot of people saw me leaving, they themselves decided to go. Many do maintain their DA age as well, but have made it clear they will no longer renew their subbies. Many have also been deleting their galleries….which I will do as well. I cannot see the point in supporting a websie that treats everyone so badly…so I will not be renewing mine either.

      Gld we were able to connect at RB though. I like how much more adult/professional it is over there….


  32. Hey Deb, I must have missed all the goings on since I just heard the news about you and Roz from Gea’s journal. Sorry to see you leave, but I completely agree with you and can’t believe you put up with that.

    I got the seniorship the same way you did and I completely agree about how we are “expected” to defend/be involved with dA (???). I love the fractal community on dA, but there are a lot of things wrong with the site – maturity (or lackthereof) being at the center of it all.

    Anyway, best of wishes on RedBubble. I might end up there myself if things keep going the way they are.

  33. Hi Debs just found out what happen and i am so sorry that people can be monsters. i am not on DA all that much anymore myself and i haven’t added anything new for awhile now because i dont like the idea of sharing either. i just signed up for redbubble myself and would like to add you as a friend.
    hope to see you soon
    love and hugs
    sweet mary

  34. I am sorry to hear that you are leaving, although after reading what you’ve had to put up with, I don’t blame you nor would I argue your decision. I have greatly enjoyed your work on deviantart and have looked at it for inspiration regarding my own work.
    I wish you the best of luck with everything!


  35. I’m very saddened by what’s been happening at DA recently, friends leaving and the mood completely changed….I respect and understand your position, and am appalled by the harsh and disrespectul ways of DA…. So you’re plunder at Red Bubble? Not wonder that I have been very attracted to plunder’s work! LOL See you there my friend. LOVE

  36. Deb,
    I truly hate to see such a wonderful person and artist leave but I can completely understand why. You are better than me girl cause every other word would be a cuss word for these people. I don’t understand how this “community” can take your choices away from you and think that it would be taken lightly. I too was going to leave DA when my boyfriend decided to buy me a print account after I stated loud and clear I didn’t want one. Why bother? Only DA makes money from it. I have been around for 3 years now and sold 2 pieces, one by my mom and 1 by me. lol It is people like you, Chris, Morgan and Coco and more that motivate me and keep me at DA… but I think I will have to just take them with me to redbubble as well. So for those of you that know me on DA as ScorpionzDezignz I can also be found at redbubble under JaclynHughes… don’t have a page really. But I will have one soon. Was spending my time at DA but I believe this time when the subs run out, so will I. If I cannot be comfortable putting my hard work up to display than I don’t need to be there. I don’t work so hard so some nitwit can steal it and call it theirs and then not have the support I need from the admin. I have never seen a news article by the rest of admin trying to help you keep your stuff from getting snatched. I have been MIA lately and apparently missed alot and have alot of catching up to do. But Deb please feel free to contact me on redbubble, I would love to continue being your friend and fellow artist. *hugz*

  37. I agree with most of this, though i didnt read all of it its too long :/ lol, true more and more people are joining that just search around to rip art or are jealous and therefore try to put them down. Pretty sad. Well i hope this doesnt happen to you in the future. DA should make it so if someone wants to download a picture or “RIP” it then a message comes to you asking what you for permission.

  38. I feel your frustration and left DA for the same reasons as you. I was just looking at your beautiful work left on DA and read what you had written. I don’t post to blogs often, but having been the brunt of art theft myself, I know how it feels.

    I sold about the same as you on DA, but off DA I make much much more!

    Keep going with your art and protect it as much as possible.

    I wish you the best.

  39. Interesting read… I’ve never visited the forums at DA, so I’m not in the least familiar with all of the behind-the-scenes drama. I do have to agree, however, that protecting your intellectual property online is exceedingly difficult! I tend to only post images which I’m not planning to print as jpegs are insanely easy to steal. How are things going at redbubble and are you getting better print sales?

    • Well, I have sold 2 prints already which is far better than I did at DA. Also on another note, I have not found any of my work stolen. They give you the option at RB of putting a clear gif over your work….So I am of course very pleased!

  40. When America become a ‘free’ land? You have the free to speech, as long as you don’t talk about them. hey dwalker1047, these issues are a lot in your life, but this is virtual, the freaks that hated you just a bunch of shits. You lost nothing, think back.

    Me I my friends faced the same thing, but we don’t take it serious. ’cause if they ban us for no reason, is gonna pay bigger prices. They forget that internet is very huge and dangerous, not just a single website. I can hack into the DA networks, delete those staff’s accounts or bring down the whole site but I’m not allow myself. I’m not a hooligan.

    don’t worry dwalker1047 :). Things are gonna be fine.

  41. Just popping in with a quick hello.

    Sorry I’ve not been around – but so many things going
    on. Hope to be more active soon.

    Take Care!

    PS — You know me as MothersHeart on dA!

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